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Test Snippet


Creates a rainbow coloured scatterplot with existing R functions that do the same (i.e. an entirely pointless example function).

Code Snippet

Your code snippet itself:

PL.f <- function(x = rnorm(200), y = rnorm(200)){
  # Creates scatter plot of two vectors colouring points by element order
  if (!(length(x) == length(y))){
    stop('please supply numeric vectors of the same length to arguments x and y')
  col.v = rainbow(length(x))
  plot(x, y, col = col.v)

If you indent with spaces alone what you see is what you should get on the webpage. Maybe we should recommend a style guide for code snippets e.g. Google’s R Style Guide


How should we do these - it’s bad practise to have files that can’t be merged in a Git repository I believe so we should host the images somewhere else? tierneyn suggests: The images problem could be sovled by adding a folder called “assets”, and then we link to that folder using liquid syntax: something like

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